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This page is basically a timeline of important events within the xP// Gaming community.



Gmodicon.png 6th February: First xP// Server is established with Iggy and Necrostatix as a GMod server named "[ENG] Build Server"

Founding fathers of xP//: jesus312, Prinny, Iggy, Necrostatix, TouchMyFace, Xenoyia


Gmodicon.png 16th June: Advertising for GMod server begins, server becomes very popular.


Gmodicon.png 2nd July: First GMod server is closed down due to problems with the host.

Gmodicon.png 9th July: Second GMod server is launched, named "Xenoyia's Playground - PHX3 Build"

Gmodicon.png 27th July: Second GMod server is taken down. We don't talk about this generation.


Gmodicon.png 12th October: Third GMod server is launched, name shortened to "xP// Build" - http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1013194

Gmodicon.png 17th October: Third GMod server is closed after GTXGaming.co.uk show extreme immaturity.

Gmodicon.png 20th October: Fourth GMod server is launched after an apology from the owner of GTXGaming.co.uk.


Gmodicon.png 1st November: GTXGaming.co.uk goes back on their promise and shuts down the fourth GMod server.

Gmodicon.png 8th November: Fifth GMod server is launched, with a new host! - http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1024279



Gmodicon.png 6th February: Fifth GMod server is shut down. A lot of fun was had on this server.

Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 1 year old!


Minecrafticon.png 21st June: xP// sees the light again, but this time it's a Minecraft server! - http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1100434

Minecrafticon.png 24th June: The Minecraft server IP is changed suddenly by Brohoster, causing a massive player loss.


Minecrafticon.png 18th July: xP//'s first Minecraft server is taken down due to inactivity.

Minecrafticon.png 25th July: xP// Craft (G2) is launched. - http://ugstunt.com/index.php?topic=2149.0

Minecrafticon.png 30th July: xP// Craft (G2) server is shut down after Brohoster gets hijacked - http://www.facepunch.com/threads/showthread.php?t=1111737


Server.png 14th August: Xenoyia changes name to Kaze, and as such xP// gets a (temporary) rename to Epsilon Pegasi, or eP.

Minecrafticon.png 25th August: Epsilon Pegasi Minecraft server launches. This is now considered to be G2.5 of xP//. This is our one and only Factions server.


Minecrafticon.png 18th October: Epsilon Pegasi Minecraft server (G2.5) closes due to inactivity.



Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 2 years old!


Minecrafticon.png 12th May: G3 Minecraft server launched, first server with Towny (9x9 plots!), Catacombs and Multiple worlds.

Oakcrest, our spawn town - [1]

Oakcrest world portalry - [2]

Hellgate (town) - [3]

Winterfell (town) - [4]

Space mining world - [5]


Server.png 16th June: I get access to a very powerful amazon cloud server. Minecraft server is migrated. Our community is now www.xenoyia.com.

Gmodicon.png 19th June: xP// GMod returns, we restart the naming scheme and go back to G1.

Gtasa.gif 24th June: xP// Underground Stunt World SA-MP server is launched.


Unreal tournament iii.png 2nd July: xP// Unreal Tournament '99 is launched!

Gtasa.gif 30th July: xP// SA-MP server is renamed to "xP// Playground".

Server.png 31st July: xP// and USW communities merge - http://ugstunt.com/


Server.png 28th September: The xP// Amazon Cloud server gets closed down and so does the MC, SA-MP, UT99 & GMod server.


Server.png 2nd December: Community gets relaunched as www.xenoyia.net.



Gmodicon.png 12th January: New xP// GMod server is launched - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=50.0

Minecrafticon.png 19th January: xP// Build (current) server begins beta test.

Server.png 25th January: Domain is changed to www.xpbuild.com.

Minecrafticon.png 26th January: Full launch of our current xP// server - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=72.0


Gmodicon.png 28th February: xP// GMod server is closed down after too much inactivity.

Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 3 years old!


Minecrafticon.png 2nd March: Wiki launched!


Minecrafticon.png 4th April: Ventlegille map is first added to xP// in a horribly griefed state.

Minecrafticon.png 6th April: Beginning and the end of The Great Winter of Withernia.


Minecrafticon.png 23rd June: Global PvP is enforced - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=149.0

Minecrafticon.png 23rd June: Many superpowers declared war on Withernia again.

Minecrafticon.png 29th June: Withernia becomes a democracy, most wars with them cease.


Minecrafticon.png 7th July: Towny world size increased.


Minecrafticon.png 12th August: Moved from elpishost to bigscoots. This is considered G5.

Minecrafticon.png 15th August: Old server becomes free-for-all in the last hour of its life.

Minecrafticon.png 19th August: Towny map size reduced by a small amount to reduce RAM usage.


Minecrafticon.png 10th September: The 1.7 update is announced for the first time.


Minecrafticon.png 25th October: The 1.7 update is given an ETA of November 2nd.


Minecrafticon.png 2nd November: The 1.7 update is impossible to implement as of yet, no bukkit builds are available.

Server.png 11th November: Forum has a failure and is reverted to a 10-day-old backup.

Terrariaicon.png 15th November: Terraria server is opened - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=1085.0


Terrariaicon.png 2nd December: Terraria server is given a shutdown date - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=1106.0

Minecrafticon.png 5th December: Minecraft server finally enters early access and plot size changed to 15x15 - http://xpbuild.com/index.php?topic=1114.0

Minecrafticon.png 7th December: Minecraft server G6 launched!

Terrariaicon.png 8th December: Terraria server loses SSC!

Terrariaicon.png 15th December: Terraria server is closed :(

Minecrafticon.png 25th December: xP// Build G6 is hit by a 3Gb DDoS attack

Minecrafticon.png 28th December: xP// Build G6 is hit by a second 3Gb DDoS attack

Minecrafticon.png 30th December: We switch to an Intreppid server, 164 slots.



Server.png 31st January: xP// is officially incorporated as a private limited company.


Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 4 years old!


Minecrafticon.png 14th April: xP// Build server goes down after 16GB junk data forced the server to exceed its data limit.


Minecrafticon.png 1st May: xPXpanD announces that the xP// Build server is in an "unworkable" state and will be stopped at the end of May, however may be back in future. With most the plugins that managed the Survival world now broken due to 1.7.9, the creative world is the only working world on the server. At the end of May, the server will go down completely.

Server.png 9th May: xP// gets an official motto: VOLUMUS VOLARE AD LUNAM

Server.png 10th May: Domain is changed to http://xpgaming.eu; Site(s) redesigned.

Server.png 12th May: Starbound server is announced as the first xpgaming.eu server, and inactivity issues!


Minecrafticon.png 14th June: G7 beta whitelist is opened.

Gtasa.gif 14th June: EliteBeef's SA-MP server becomes an official xP// partner server.


Server.png 12th August: xP//'s new dedicated server is launched. 128GB of glorious RAM.

Minecrafticon.png 4th August: Banners in MC now become a large part of the server in a new rule where all towns must have a banner.

Minecrafticon.png 13th August: G7 beta is moved to the new dedicated server.


Minecrafticon.png 30th September: xP// Anarchy server is launched as G7 of xP//.


Server.png 11th October: Forum breaks the 10,000 posts and 1,000 topics record.

Minecrafticon.png 14th October: xP// Anarchy server is taken down in hopes of G8 launching shortly.



Minecrafticon.png 2nd January: G8 of xP// Towny is officially launched!

Server.png 4th January: xP// starts accepting donations for the first time in history.

Server.png 8th January: Xolani becomes the official xP// mascot.

Server.png 14th January: XpanD retires as xP// co-owner.


Minecrafticon.png 1st February: xP// Towny G8 was attacked and restored.

Minecrafticon.png 6th February: xP// 5-year anniversary event, all town claiming is free for 24 hours.

Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 5 years old!

Server.png 17th February: xP// becomes an official sponsor of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Gtasa.gif 21st February: xP// USW launches, running on the xP// Gaming dedicated server.


Minecrafticon.png 21st March: xP// Build G8 is closed.


Minecrafticon.png 11th April: xP// Build G9 is launched!

Server.png 21st April: xP//'s OVH server is suddenly taken down with no warning.


Minecrafticon.png 1st May: xP// Build G9 is forced to close, due to OVH losing data and not being able to revive it.



Minecrafticon.png 21st July: xP// Build G10's closed beta launches.

Minecrafticon.png 28th July: xPDanny becomes the first G10 president! see: Presidents


Minecrafticon.png 10th August: highsquirrel34 becomes the second G10 president! see: Presidents

Minecrafticon.png 21st August: Baby_Bones becomes the third G10 president! see: Presidents


Minecrafticon.png 16th September: xP// Build G10's server closed due to inactivity.



Minecrafticon.png 2nd March: Zmonster67 launches the xP// Legacy/Tribute server.

Minecrafticon.png 16th March: G11 closed alpha is launched!

Minecrafticon.png 18th March: G11 closed beta is launched, with a very selective whitelist.

Minecrafticon.png 25th March: G11 server is upgraded from 4GB to 6GB of RAM.

Minecrafticon.png 26th March: G11 server is launched!


Minecrafticon.png 20th May: G11 server end is announced.



Minecrafticon.png 31st January: Pixelmon G12 is announced, finally!


Server.png 5th February: New xP// website and forum is launched.

Server.png 6th February: xP// turns 8 years old!

Server.png 21st February: xP// becomes an official partner of Entity Builds - http://entitybuilds.com/


Minecrafticon.png 8th March: xP// Creative G12 launches!