How to make a shop using ChestShop

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1 x Sign

1 x Chest

What to do

Step one: You need a few things sorted before you begin creation of the shop. What you want to sell and how much you want to sell it for. Once you know this for sure, proceed on to step two.

Step two: Place a chest beside a wall, make sure there's at least 1 space above it for a sign.

Step three: Place a sign on it with the following format:

YourName (so in my case it would be Xenoyia)

Quantity (let's say 64, that's how much you will sell at once)

B# : #S (The hashes represent numbers. B# would be how much you're selling it for, and #S is how much you're buying it for. You don't need the ': #S' part if you're only selling)

ItemName (let's say oak logs, so Log should work.)




B 5


When someone right clicks this sign, the server will search the chest below the sign for 64 oak logs, if they're in there, 5 coins will be taken from the buyer and added to your account, and the trade will be completed.

Step four: Make sure to keep it stocked with whatever you're selling!