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Hi there, my name is Luke Xenoyia Valentine.

About Me

I am a qualified IT technician and a professional web developer. I've been running various game servers for quite a few years, since my first Unreal Tournament server 8 years ago and as such gained a lot of experience administrating and running game servers. I founded Xenoyia's Playground 5 years ago and the name, now shortened to xP//, has stuck ever since. I am a musician, I produce ambient music, play the piano and compose piano music.


Morpork (G1)

Morpork was the first ever town in xP//, and like a lot of things, was co-owned by myself and XpanD. It grew rather large and had many residents that are still playing today - such as TouchMyFace and ziomki.

Morpork (Anthrox)

Morpork was the town I co-owned with SUXpanD on Anthrox before we had a towny xP// server. The town reached 120~ residents during its peak and became incredibly large in size. The town consisted of four 'corners', one was grass, one was desert, one was ocean and one was nether. This way, you could make a choice to which biome you wanted your house to be in. Many weeks were spent carving out deserts and mountains to make way for new plots, and it's a shame we weren't there to see it die. We left the server when one guy started to invite people as soon as they joined the server, starving us of residents and forming the basis for our towny server (no ninja inviting).

Haven (G3)

Haven was a stone-brick themed town with a large castle and a monumental arch. It had a railway system to the nearest town of Fallmore.

Avon (G3)

Avon was a large port town with a harbour and a town hall. It was the largest town in the G3 era.

Tristram (G4)

Tristram was the largest town in the G4 era, peaking at 50 residents in its lifetime.

Alphonse (G5)

Alphonse was arguably the best looking town in the history of xP//. 80-block high detailed walls surrounded the large town, a large, working gate sat in the middle of the southern wall and four large guard towers sat at each corner of the town wall. Inside the town, there were multiple shops, monuments, contraptions as well as a large viaduct that ran through the centre of the town.

Valkyria (G6)

Valkyria was a beautiful town and the largest town in terms of physical size in the whole of xP//. It had multiple shops including a massive mall with many player shops located inside. Valkyria was sold and then destroyed shortly after.

Firelink (G10)

While not actually my town, I am the assistant and sole builder, also providing money for the town. This was the first town on G10 and is tied for largest along with Ascalon as of 14/08/16.