Secret of the Village

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One of the many first-floor hallways.

Catacomb Name: Secret of the Village

Number of floors: 8

Size: Very Large

Difficulty: Very Hard

Dynmap Location:

It was 60 years ago when the rustic medieval town was unearthed, bringing with it hundreds of years of memories as well as a strange stone structure which seemed to lead into an endless maze of hallways and rooms. This structure, or a catacomb as we know it now, is the largest to have been found within the world. No-one has yet braved the full journey of the catacomb and received whatever lies at the end.


Size of the catacomb as seen from a cave dynmap.

Ground Floor: Large Hut, 1 room

Basement LV1: 51 rooms

Basement LV2: 524 rooms

Basement LV3: 330 rooms

Basement LV4: 146 rooms

Basement LV5: 74 rooms

Basement LV6: 83 rooms

Basement LV7: 319 rooms

Basement LV8: 134 rooms